Charitable clinics that start or expand with ECHO support become ECHO Community Clinics. This designation gives clinics proven operational direction and access to resources designed to help them thrive.

Using the 30-years of successful operation of Church Health in Memphis, TN as our model, ECHO is able to help clinics navigate the path from inspiration to operation to sustained success. Our program helps clinics establish themselves in a way that will meet the specific needs of the community in which they will operate. Through Church Health experts’ consultations and guidance, ECHO Community Clinics are equipped to provide quality medical care, operate effectively, market their services, create partnerships, and raise funds.

Established clinics looking to expand or in need of strategic direction become ECHO Community Clinics for the same reasons. Consultative support from ECHO’s clinic liaison coupled with appropriate interaction with Church Health staff, our network of clinics, and extensive resource library help clinics grow into the vision of their founders.

As a Church Health Community clinic, you’ll serve your community in a meaningful way with quality healthcare. With support from ECHO, ECHO Community Clinics:

  • Have full-time hours
  • Employ at least one full-time medical service provider (M.D. or Nurse Practitioner)
  • Generate multiple revenue sources including non-philanthropic sources
  • Bridge existing coverage gaps in public and private insurance, specific to their communities
  • React to changes in the healthcare landscape
  • Contribute to a charitable clinic network in tangible, measurable ways

Contact our clinic liaison, John Mills, or fill out our initial interest questionnaire to start your journey to becoming a Church Health Community clinic.