How do you increase the services of your clinic, the number of eligible patients served and the impact on your community healthcare safety net while continuing to support your community?

ECHO offers concentrated support over a 12-15 month period to strengthen your full-time primary care clinic. Our clinic liaison and other team members will assess your readiness and help your clinic expand.

Clinics ready to expand often:

  • Have two years of operational practice seeing patients
  • Have an active and engaged Board who supports the expansion vision
  • Operate with sound governance practices
  • Have a paid Executive Director with at least six months of experience
  • Have a budget with diverse funding sources

Are you committed to carrying out a strategic planning process to expand your services?

Fill out our expansion assessment or contact us today.

Through expansion, ECHO will help your clinic grow to:

  • Operate on a full-time basis
  • Provide comprehensive services centered on the delivery of primary care
  • Proven governance by a strong Board with sound management practices
  • Operate on a balanced budget, utilizing diverse revenue sources and community partners’ support
  • Meet industry and ECHO standards for quality care
  • Effectively use electronic medical records systems
  • Employ core paid staff