ECHO’s four-step process will help launch your new clinic or expand your existing clinic. With Church Health as a model, your clinic will be ready to meet the healthcare needs of the underserved in your community.

Step 1:

Fill out our questionnaire. This document will help us understand your vision for a clinic or your existing clinic’s needs and prepare us to best support you.

Step 2:

Talk with us. An ECHO consultant will contact you to discuss your vision, your sponsor organization or need for one, and the types of support you feel you may need in order to be successful. An invitation to attend a Replication seminar will be extended at the conclusion of this call.

Step 3:

Launch. ECHO will provide consulting support and resource to help you launch or expand your clinic. Clinics engaged with ECHO are typically open and operational within 13-18 months.  The Expansion process may take from 12-15 months.

Step 4:

Become a Church Health Community clinic. Expand your relationship with ECHO and Church Health consultants and staff with access to network membership benefits.

Our model for clinic development or expansion includes:

  • Cultivating a relationship with a sponsor whose vision for a community clinic aligns with ECHO’s impactful, community-centered model
    • Coordinating an environmental scan to assess community needs
    • Creating a clinic development timeline with corresponding benchmarks and tools
  • Engaging ECHO’s clinic liaison to guide your facility to its opening, with support from Church Health experts in medical practice, operation, fundraising, and more
    • Establishing a planning committee to navigate clinic development and define processes
    • Drafting a business plan to establish direction, priorities, and to address potential sustainability issues
    • Developing governance (nonprofit board) expertise as well as operational (free/charitable clinic sector) expertise
  • Raising the first-year of operating funds before opening
  • Using the network of ECHO Community Clinics to establish and optimize best practices and patient outcomes

If you are driven to provide quality healthcare to those in need in your community, and if you feel the ECHO model can help make your vision a reality, complete our Initial Interest Questionnaire or give us a call to get started today.