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Empowering Church Health Outreach offers low and no-cost consulting that will help you start or expand your faith-based charitable health clinic. We employ a model based on the 30 year successful history of Church Health in Memphis, TN. Whether your vision for serving those without access to healthcare is perfectly clear, or you need help articulating it, ECHO is here to help.

Our mission is to ECHO God’s love by aiding development of charitable clinics, ultimately inspiring faith communities across America to create whole-person healthcare ministries for the underserved.

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Most of the clinics we consult open in 12-18 months. ECHO’s extensive experience will help you navigate all the obstacles to opening a faith-based charitable clinic in your community.

  • Work with an ECHO consultant
  • Learn from the experts at Church Health
  • Access our extensive curriculum
  • Get support from other ECHO clinics

Starting and sustaining a charitable clinic is hard work, but together we can make a difference for those in need of high-quality healthcare.

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Explore opening a Faith-Based Charitable Clinic
How to Develop Your Faith-Based Clinic
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ECHO Clinics Have a History of Success

For more than a decade, ECHO has helped open faith-based charitable clinics nationwide. More than 50, in fact. Our process for opening your charitable clinic will help you overcome all the obstacles you’ll face, and is nimble enough to adjust to the specific needs of your project and your community.

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A Story of Success

Peggy Leitch, Executive Director of Mercy Clinic in Fort Worth, TX

Clearly, the Mercy Clinic has been mightily blessed by your efforts on our behalf. In fact, it’s not an...

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Matt Bush, President of QuestCare Foundation in Dallas, TX

Thanks to your generosity and support, QuestCare Clinic: A Watermark Community Church Partnership opened its doors on August 22nd....

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Caitlyn Twyman, Executive Director of the Hope Clinic in McKinney, Texas

Partnering with ECHO is one of the best decisions we have made as an organization. We were introduced to...

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by Josh Roberts Direct primary care is an interesting model that cuts insurance out of the healthcare equation. Direct care is a model in which patients pay their provider directly, rather than using a third-party like insurance or Medicare. Concierge care is sometimes used...

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