About ECHO

Empowering Church Health Outreach

How does charity work in healthcare? ECHO is a charity, partner ministry of Church Health in Memphis, TN committed to echoing God’s love by aiding the development of charitable clinics, ultimately inspiring faith communities across America to establish whole-person healthcare ministries for the underserved.

As a charity, ECHO has aided the development and expansion of free and charitable clinics in the United States since being founded in 2005 by the Nancy and John Snyder Foundation. ECHO helps people and organizations start viable, sustainable charitable clinics through collaboration and support from like-minded churches in their area.

Since 1987, Church Health has provided affordable healthcare to uninsured working people and their families, and become a model charity in healthcare. Replication seminars at Church Health are a great first step for those interested in founding their own faith-based clinics.


Church Health is the largest faith-based charitable clinic in America

ECHO and Replication have combined to help more than 90 free and charitable clinics get their start.

ECHO’s charity supports clinics every step of the way, from vision to operation, with access to the extensive expertise, knowledge, and other resources at Church Health. We help clinic founders make a plan based on hitting milestones proven by Church Health’s success.

ECHO helps new clinics find churches in their area willing to contribute financially and with volunteer hours. We open channels of communication between the experts at Church Health and new clinics to help founders navigate the path to operation. ECHO’s clinic liaison works with clinics on a planned, regular basis to help get the clinic open.

If you have a vision for a charitable clinic, ECHO will help you make it a reality.