An effective way for Christian physicians to practice medicine

by Josh Roberts

ECHO exists to empower people to live out their faith by serving their community with whole-person healthcare. Often our clients are physicians, nurse practitioners, or other providers. These providers are usually at a career crossroads because practicing is leaving them unfulfilled. This can happen for many reasons as traditional medical practice can be challenging in a variety of ways not directly related to delivering care. Or, in the cases of Dr. Stephanie Diehlmann and Dr. Angela Bymaster, they want to deliver care in a way that respects their faith.

Dr. Diehlmann is the founder and practicing physician at The Well Health Center in Cactus, TX. The Well’s mission is to share the love of Jesus Christ with their neighbors by providing quality, compassionate, and affordable whole person and community health care.

Dr. Bymaster is the founder and practicing physician at Healing Grove Health Center in San Jose, CA. Her clinic expresses her faith in Healing Grove Health Center’s mission to share the love of Jesus through Health Care, Soul Care, and Culture Care to bring “the healing of the nations” to our community.

Both doctors created a way to practice medicine in a way more fulfilling to themselves. And more fulfilling for their patients by caring for their minds, bodies, and spirits.

If you’re a Christian physician who would like to explore putting your faith in practice, fill out our Initial Interest Questionnaire. Let’s talk about how ECHO can help you do that.