Charitable healthcare in California

Starting a charitable clinic in California is challenging. Making the transition from private practice to free and charitable healthcare is hard work no matter where you are. California amplifies the biggest obstacles in charitable care because of real estate prices, regulatory and permitting issues, and occasionally zoning issues. Even recruiting and hiring a medical provider who wants to practice charitable medicine in California can be incredibly difficult because of the lower earning potential.

That’s what makes Dr. Angela and Mr. Brett Bymaster’s story in San Jose, CA so incredible. 

The innovative model for the organization and their commitment to whole-person healthcare and wraparound services are just a couple of the reasons to admire their clinic. It’s better if you listen to Dr. Bymaster tell the story of Healing Grove to ZDoggMD:

Whether you want to start a charitable clinic in California, or any state in the U.S., ECHO is ready and able to help.