Course 2: Developing

If you made it to this section, then the Planning Team and ECHO have determined that your community is in need of healthcare services of this type, and that the community can support it. Congratulations! All of the planning that you have done over the past few months will serve you well in this next phase.

The next few months are when the real work of creating the clinic will be taking place. Major focus areas will include: transitioning the planning team and creating a Board of Directors, hiring staff, finalizing clinic location, raising the necessary funds, publicizing the clinic, and finalizing the policies and procedures of clinic operations. The subcommittees you have established will continue to be helpful to you in getting this work completed. By now, you may have discovered that the process of establishing a safety-net clinic is more complicated than just finding a nice doctor to volunteer in a Sunday school classroom one day a month. Your team has much to think about and consider before you can even begin to make the clinic a reality.

At the conclusion of this phase, the clinic will be open and serving patients. That can feel like a lot of work over a short amount of time. ECHO encourages you to be diligent in your work and efforts while making sure not to rush the process or skip over steps. This is a critical time of development and also the most exciting! You will begin to see the results of all your hard work.