Expand a Clinic

What’s your five-year plan?

When your clinic vision and needs expand, how do you grow while continuing to support your community?

The ECHO Expansion Program offers concentrated support during a 12-15 month period to strengthen your primary care clinic. You will receive the support of an ECHO consultant along with the resources of the entire ECHO consultant team. This support is available for a small fee and to approved clinics. You you can apply below.

Complete the ECHO Expansion Self-Assessment covering all elements of your current operations. We’ll have a conversation about how ECHO can help you and assign a consultant to your expansion project.

If you’re clinic is not ready to expand, we’ll make recommendations that will help you get there. Generally, for a clinic to be ready to expand, it:

  • Has two years of operational practice (seeing patients).
  • Is managed by an active and engaged Board who supports the expansion vision
  • Carries out sound governance practices
  • Employs an Executive Director with at least six months of experience
  • Has an operating budget with a diversity of funding sources
  • Is committed to carrying out a strategic planning process as part of the expansion process
  • Has a board Board and Executive Director are committed to dedicating the time and energy to fully engage in the expansion process during the contracted period

ECHO’s Expansion project goals are to develop clinics that:

  • Operate on a full-time basis.
  • Provide comprehensive primary care services
  • Meet industry and ECHO standards for quality care
  • Effectively use electronic medical records system
  • Employ core paid staff

If your clinic wants to expand, please fill out of our Expand a Clinic – Self Assessment below. We’ll review it to make sure ECHO is a good fit for your needs, and – if so – we’ll put together an agreement on our goals and get to work.

No matter your stage of readiness, we invite you to contact us.