Grace in charitable health

By Rev. Craig Strickland

I recently attended the Global Missions Conference in Louisville, KY, with ECHO’s Sr. Clinic Consultant John Mills. The venue, like a beehive of activity, was a huge church with presenters and attendees spread throughout. During program breaks, a bustling crowd would circulate through concourse spaces that housed more than 150 exhibitors.

On the second day of the conference, a woman named Grace strolled by our ECHO booth.

I said, “Hey there, would you like to start a clinic?”

She immediately stopped and with a stunned look on her face and said, “Why yes I would!”

I knew then we had suddenly stumbled onto the threshold of something God was about to start.

With tears rolling down her cheeks she told us how she had been asking God to show her the way to open a Charitable Health Clinic that serves the poor.

Clearly Grace felt the presence of God in a special way as well.

My role with ECHO is to work with the faith based community and so when people are looking for the ‘how-to’s’, I turn to John, whose expertise is the “nuts and bolts” of starting clinics.

John spent quite some time learning about Grace and her mission and answering her questions about how we could help her launch a Charitable Health Clinic in Tampa.

Grace wants to build a clinic from the ground up, and I can’t wait to help her!

A couple days after the conference, we received a letter from Grace filled with joy now that she has a way to follow her dream.

Starting and managing Clinics is not easy.  But we are delighted to offer all the expertise a person needs to live their dream.

We may not change the world starting health clinics but there is no question we changed Grace’s world.  If you want, we can help you live your dream, too.