Healing Grove Health Center is starting free and charitable healthcare in San Jose, CA

by Josh Roberts

Replication at Church Health happens three times per year, for two days each. Those six days represent my favorite work days each year by a wide margin. I’m always so inspired by the people who make the trip to Memphis to learn about starting or expanding their free and charitable healthcare ministries. It’s fulfilling to know there are so many who are committed and called to serve others.

When they came to Replication (I think) in Spring 2019, Dr. Angela Bymaster and her husband, Brent, left a big impression on me. Starting a charitable clinic is incredibly hard work. Really smart, capable people struggle and fail at it on a regular basis. After meeting the Bymasters, I guaranteed to the ECHO team that they would succeed.

I was thrilled to get the email yesterday announcing the Bymasters and Healing Grove Health Center are doing just that! They’ll be opening their doors the week of June 29 at 448 Goodyear St, San Jose, CA 95110-3201. 

Healing Grove Health Center will offer free and charitable healthcare in San Jose with a model that’s actually inspired and influence ECHO’s consulting model. Dr. Bymaster will be offering concierge care at a premium that will supplement their charitable care, and they are offering a vehicle for sponsoring concierge care for individuals or a family of four, at a very affordable price.

The most fulfilling part of my career is watching a team start their journey at Replication and culminate in opening a charitable health clinic that will be a tremendous asset to the community it serves. The Bymasters’ clinic in San Jose is a shining example of what’s possible in charitable care!