Improving the process for opening clinics for the uninsured

When Church Health and ECHO joined forces in 2016, we knew we had opportunities to provide a better consulting service for people opening clinics for the uninsured. The first among them was optimizing Replication.

Our two-day seminar lets people come to Church Health and learn from the experts. Church Health has been providing faith-based charitable healthcare in Memphis, TN for 30 years. There’s a lot we can offer to people who want to help the uninsured. We’ve taken that offering and improved it dramatically in three ways:

Leaving with a Starting Point

We’ve moved from a lecture-based to an interactive seminar. Learning from Khan Academy’s work with school districts inspired us to provide primer videos for Replication attendees. This prepares attendees to ask better questions during their time in Memphis. Adding activities or exercises to each presentation gives Replication attendees an artifact that helps their project get started. These two adjustments give Replication attendees a clear roadmap for their charitable or free health clinic, rather than a bunch of notes to sort through when they get home.

Emphasizing Storytelling and Messaging

Nobody wants to talk about fundraising and asking for money. Everyone who is opening clinics for the uninsured needs to. The development experts at Church Health firmly believe in storytelling as a vehicle for fundraising. We’ve created a storytelling and messaging throughline in each presentation at Replication. The goal is for every member of a project team to tell the story of their clinic in their own way, with a message that’s compatible with everyone else on their team.

Introducing Cohorts

Replication can be an intense (positive!) experience shared by a group of people who have similar goals. We capitalize on the bonds Replication attendees share during this experience by offering the ECHO consulting services to attendees as a cohort. We’ve adjusted our tried and true benchmarks timeline to keep Replication cohorts on a common timeline. We’ve moved from primarily consulting on an individual basis to group sessions via video chats. This enables our clients to learn from each other, as well as us, and to create and nurture camaraderie among them.

I often tell people the three Replication seminars represent my six favorite work days of every year. I hope that, moving forward, it also represents more clinics that can help the uninsured with sustainable, accessible, and whole-person healthcare.