More people ready to start their own charitable clinics

Another Replication seminar is in the books.

On July 26-27, 2018, we had 20 people from all over the country come to Church Health in Memphis, TN to learn about how to open their own free and charitable clinic. For two days, the experts at Church Health teach attendees all they can about fundraising, volunteerism (both medical and non-clinical), medical operations, and everything under the sun related to operating a successful clinic.

Replication attendees listen to Church Health’s Sr. Director of Clinical Operations, Jenny Bartlett-Prescott.

I’m always inspired by the people who attend the seminars. We start with a vision-casting exercise and often hear words like “excited,” “nervous,” “overwhelmed,” and “hopeful” in talking about how they feel. Opening a charitable clinic is a monumental task. At ECHO, we’re constantly evaluating and tweaking our processes, including Replication, to make it as easy as possible (as if that’s an option!)

We have Replication three times per year, but our goal is always the same: equip people, as best we can, to open and sustain a faith-based charitable clinic.

It’s a great first step to engaging ECHO, and I hope it’s useful on its own. I hope to see you at our next one in November.