Business Plan Template

Outline your clinic services, the patients you’ll serve, the environmental factors in your community that will affect your clinic, and more when you author your business plan. This document serves as the guide for your organization and the artifact that will show donors you’re serious about your clinic.


New Clinic Start Up Guide

Managing and operating a fledgling clinic is a difficult task, that can be made easier with ECHO’s new clinic start up guide. Use this document as a reference for how you should perform in your clinic’s early days.


Leadership Composition Structure in Clinic Development

Starting and operating a charitable clinic is too large a task for any one person. This document will help you define the roles and hierarchy that will guide your organization through its planning phase.


No Shows

This sample policy should be used as a guidance for handling no shows. While our heart is to serve everyone who needs access to high-quality health care, it’s important to respect the times of your volunteers – clinical and non-clinical – by having a protocol for how your clinic addresses no-show patients.


Model for Healthy Living

Church Health is the country’s largest faith-based charitable clinic. During it’s 30 year history, Church Health has defined this Model for Healthy Living they use to guide whole-person patient care.


Startup Launch Timeline

ECHO’s process for opening your charitable clinic takes between 12-18 months. This document outlines and simplifies the three stages we’ll ask you to follow in opening your charitable clinic.