Serving a Purpose in Chattanooga

“I’m excited and a little scared about what God can do in Chattanooga,” Katherlyn Geter, the Executive Director of Purpose Point Community Health told me, “Pastor Jordan’s vision and what we do at Mt. Canaan Baptist Church is answering our calling to care for everyone – especially the most vulnerable.”

Purpose Point will open its primary care clinic in the first couple of months in 2020, but Katherlyn has every reason to be excited about their first five weeks delivering health education and community care coordination.

Making a Difference

In mid-October, a 62-year-old-man visited Purpose Point looking for help. He told Katherlyn about the ongoing difficulties he’s had getting care for his high cholesterol and diabetes. While Katherlyn was able to help him get an appointment at another clinic, the man was adamant that he looked forward to having Purpose Point as his medical home.

“God showed me through this person, who we just met, that we’re already making a difference. I can’t wait to see what we can do next year and beyond,” Katherlyn said.

The difference Purpose Point is able to make is going to depend largely on their ability to recruit physician and nurse practitioner volunteers.

Recruiting Volunteer Providers

“We have 50 non-clinical volunteers and a great relationship with Dr. James Haynes, a Family Physician with the Erlanger Health System, but we need providers for the clinic,” Katherlyn said.

In fact, in addition to volunteers, Purpose Point is looking for the provider who feels called to serve as a full-time member of the staff. If you’re interested in providing healthcare at Purpose Point, either as a volunteer or staff, you can contact to learn more.

“Purpose Point Community Health will give providers a fulfilling way to practice medicine that serves –rather than burdens – underserved patient populations,” said Dr. Haynes.

ECHO has been lucky to work with Katherlyn and Purpose Point Community Health in Chattanooga for the last two years. Katherlyn found us online and attended Replication at Church Health and it’s been a great working relationship ever since. With our common goals of caring for the underserved and putting the Church at the center of healthcare, Katherlyn, Mt. Canaan, and ECHO are grateful to be in a position to serve Chattanooga.

You can donate to the center at this link. Or find them at 2800 North Chamberlain Avenue Chattanooga, TN 37406.