Deliver healthcare ministry

Preach. Teach. Heal. Your church can make a difference

Is your church ready to minister to the underserved by developing, supporting, or sponsoring a whole-person healthcare ministry for the underserved? Whether you are looking for volunteer opportunities for your congregation or ready to be the sponsor of a charitable clinic, ECHO can help you establish and sustain your ministry.

Based on the origin of Church Health in Memphis, TN, we know churches and other faith communities are crucial to the success of faith-based charitable clinics by:

  • Providing facilities for the clinic, with space or by financing
  • Renovating facilities to accommodate a medical practice by financing and offering volunteers for construction
  • Pledging to raise money for the first year of salaries for the medical providers and other staff
  • Directing volunteers to the clinic to help with medical, administrative, and other crucial functions

Our Faith Community Liaison, Rev. Craig Strickland – the founder of Hope Church in Memphis – is ready to provide counsel to the leaders of your church and its ministries. Email him today to start talking about how your church can reclaim its Biblical commitment to heal.