Start a charitable clinic

Form a nonprofit that provides high-quality healthcare

If you’re considering starting a nonprofit and want to make a difference in your community by creating access to high-quality healthcare for the underserved, ECHO’s no-cost consulting services will help you. We can help you establish a nonprofit Charitable or Safety Net clinic with a mission to provide free, charitable, or hybrid healthcare services to your community.

A doctor treats a patient in a nonprofit charitable clinic

Starting a nonprofit charitable clinic makes a big difference in your community’s health and wellness

Form a nonprofit that makes a big difference. Start a charitable clinic in your community.

We will help you build partnerships with volunteers, paid medical providers, hospitals, the faith community, and community leaders. Your nonprofit charitable clinic can deliver high-quality healthcare to anyone who needs it.

Starting a nonprofit clinic with help from ECHO makes a difference by:

  • Providing quality health care services, utilizing commonly accepted practice protocols
  • Delivering services in a clean and well-organized space using the most up-to-date equipment that resources or donations permit
  • Facilitating access to prescription medications through prescribing generic drugs, utilizing drug companies’ medication assistance programs, and voucher programs

Would you like to learn more about how your community could benefit from starting a nonprofit based on ECHO’s mission?