The ECHO Model

A proven path to delivering high-quality health care

ECHO’s process will help launch your new clinic or expand your existing clinic based on the milestones and success of Church Health, which means:

  • Employing a full-time medical provider
  • Having full-time operating hours (see the Church Health example)
  • Effectively using and electronic health record (EHR or EMR)
  • Following Church Health’s best practices
  • Collaborating with the faith community in your area
  • Authoring a formal business plan for the clinic
  • Establishing a team based on ECHO’s Leadership Composition and Structure in Clinic Development guidance
  • Contributing to the network of clinics ECHO consults by sharing best practices, outcome data, and emotional support

New clinic and expansion projects generally take between 12 – 18 months. ECHO consultants will support you the entire time.

Feel free to contact us now to get started, or fill out our Initial Interest Questionnaire. We can discuss your vision, sponsoring organization or need for one, and types of support you need to be successful. Another great first step is attending a Replication seminar at Church Health.

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ECHO’s employer identification number is 26-0531116.