Why a Clinic?

Help people in need

30 million Americans will remain uninsured even with full implementation of the Affordable Care Act in 2022, according to Congressional Budget Office estimates. Why start a clinic? Because there will always be people in your community who can’t afford access to high-quality healthcare.

ECHO is proud to support those people willing to mobilize resources to build a safety-net clinic for their community.

Besides Americans without insurance, the under-insured may be unable to afford premiums, co-pays, or medication, or they may have provider-shortage access issues. Undocumented immigrants, Dreamers, and other people in our communities are not eligible for coverage. More people than expected are vulnerable to healthcare access issues. Poor health impacts the lives of individuals, their families, and ultimately the community.

ECHO helps faith communities, medical providers, and others have a direct and critical positive effect on the lives of those who can’t afford access to high-quality healthcare.

How do we help?

  • ECHO’s team has more than 100 years of collective experience at the clinic, board, state and national association levels
  • Our no-cost consulting services are thanks to the commitment by the Nancy and John Snyder Foundation and other generous donors
  • Organizations who agree with ECHO’s mission are assigned a consultant who provides guidance, tools, and support throughout the clinic development process
  • ECHO provides access to related resources across the country to establish and maintain support to clinics through their organizational life cycle

If you’re ready to start a charitable health clinic, please submit Initial Interest Questionnaire below. An ECHO consultant will contact you to discuss our process and explore opportunities to work together. After we both sign a Memorandum of Understanding, the work can begin.

No matter your stage of development, we invite you to contact us.