We have to do better


An acquaintance of mine recently posted a picture of one of his medical bills on Facebook and it says he owes the hospital $408,153.39. The invoice date was early August and its due date is 08.23. $408,153.39.

I don’t know John incredibly well, but I know he rappels for a living – hanging signs, washing windows, and other up-high activities on the outside of buildings. Knowing that, it’s probably an easy guess how John ended up with an obscene medical bill. An equipment failure during something he’s done hundreds or thousands of times sent him falling to the ground from several stories up. He’s lucky to be alive. He’ll never be the same physically. He won’t do the same type of work. He will not recovery financially.

We help people start charitable clinics that serve the underserved. Free and charitable clinics are the only way some people can access high-quality healthcare in this country, and our mission hinges on aiding the development of as many as possible.

Ultimately, I hope the free and charitable clinic network can be an example to traditional healthcare. Or put pressure on its model. Or something.

$408,153.39 is a bill that just exacerbates a life-altering injury. We have to do better.