Working on Charitable Healthcare in DeSoto County, MS

by Josh Roberts

Mississippi, by some metrics, is the least-healthy state in America. There is no place that needs charitable healthcare more. It’s important to ECHO’s mission that we’re working on charitable healthcare in DeSoto County, MS. And, after a little more than three years, that work is about to come to life.

In the Fall of 2016, Craig Strickland, the founder of Hope Presbyterian Church in Memphis, and I were just getting started with ECHO. Craig set up a meeting with Pastor Patrick Conrad, the founder and lead pastor of Life Fellowship in DeSoto County, MS.

Craig described Pastor Conrad as energetic and ambitious, with a big imagination and an even bigger heart. He told me Life Fellowship had a building that houses several ministries, and thought Pastor Conrad would agree a charitable healthcare clinic should be one of them.

He did.

Life Fellowship has several campuses in North Mississippi and Pastor Conrad has a wonderful relationship with Pastor Bartholomew Orr at Brown Missionary Baptist Church. These two gentlemen and several members combined their efforts to take on a long, arduous process of opening a charitable clinic and it’s almost here. You might know them both from our video.

When Trinity Health Center in Horn Lake, MS opens in Summer 2020, it will share space with four other powerful ministries inside a Dreamcenter at 6935 Windchase Drive, Horn Lake, MS  38651. Take a minute to learn more about Trinity Health Center, and don’t forget about the donation link they have on their site!